St. John The Baptist Anglican Cathedral

All welcome to our Cathedral. Services on Sunday 10:30 am, at the moment virtually via YouTube. Please contact us for any questions, enquiries, etc. and to learn about all the activities going on at our Cathedral. Many members of our Parish Council speak English so as mentioned do contact us.

Our History

The origins of the Anglican Church in Buenos Aires date back to the year 1825 when, after the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation signed between Great Britain and the United Provinces of the River Plate, its creation was authorized. In 1827, the steps for the construction of the building began, a project that would materialize in 1831. On March 6, the building of the British Episcopal Chapel of St. John the Baptist was inaugurated on 25 de Mayo Street in the City of Buenos Aires.

A fundamental change in the history of the Church was the decision of the Crown to end the financial support of the churches (Consular Chaplaincy Act of 1874). From 1875 it would be renamed The Anglican Church of St. John, although the Baptist denomination would be used again in 1922. It was finally promoted to Cathedral in 1964.

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